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New Paradigm College ("NPC") is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution and event center formed to co-create a college with and within the community of Lake County, California, at a time when a new re-patterning education is needed to serve the regeneration of life on Earth.    

In partnership with the Lake County community, NPC  provides education in “new paradigm” design tools: focusing first on the ecological regeneration of the lands and waters that sustain us all. This has the potential to activate and heal the community, who long for sustenance, connection, meaning and health.

We are raising $200K to establish flagship educational programs dedicated to the regeneration of Lake County and beyond and to begin transforming a 1920’s era majestic hotel known as the “Lucerne Castle” into a functioning residential college and conference center to amplify this work. 

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New Paradigm College 501(c)3 community nonprofit corporation ID#83-3806555

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